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Studies have shown pre-surgical checkups are important for optimal recovery. Dr. Rahman is skilled in performing pre-surgical evaluations and medical clearances to help New York City patients of all ages achieve the best possible outcomes following surgery.

Medical Clearance Details

What is a medical clearance checkup?

A pre-surgical checkup is an exam that takes place prior to planned surgery and which is aimed at evaluating your health and addressing existing issues to help ensure your surgery and recovery periods are as safe and uneventful as possible. It can involve screening exams, blood work, urinalysis, and other evaluations as well as a general assessment of your physical health and well-being.

Why are medical clearance checkups important?

Studies have shown having a physical exam prior to undergoing surgery can help shorten your post-surgery recovery time as well as limit the amount of time you may need to spend in the hospital if you're having in-patient surgery, plus it can help reduce your risks of complications during and after surgery. In most cases, surgery is prescribed by a specialist who may not have an awareness of all your underlying medical issues that could contribute to complications, poor outcomes or problems during recovery. Having a pre-surgical exam can be an important step in avoiding all these issues and ensuring a better outcome overall.

When should I schedule my pre-surgical appointment?

Most pre-surgical appointments take place within a couple of weeks of the surgery. That provides plenty of time for lab testing and other tests to take place, and it also gives an up-to-the-minute “snapshot” of your overall health and wellness. You can discuss the timing of your pre-surgical exam with the doctor who's performing the surgery to ensure the best scheduling.

How will my surgeon get my results?

Our office can forward the results of any testing or examinations directly to your surgeon. If an steps or treatments need to be performed prior to surgery, we'll work with your doctor to implement a plan of care tailored to your pre-surgery needs.


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